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Bankruptcy Reorganization and Liquidation

Tiantai's lawyers have rich practical experience in bankruptcy reorganization, recombination and liquidation, and are able to provide our customers with business proposals, financial proposals and crisis management skills such as company bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, company compulsory liquidation and self-liquidation business to help our customers deal with the challenges in a timely and effective manner when they are in financial difficulties.

We have the comprehensive ability and rich practice, which enable us to provide a wide range of services on behalf of debtors, financial institutions, secured or unsecured creditors, insurance companies, bondholders, lessors, investors and directors, creditors or shareholders' committees and other domestic and foreign customers in complex corporate restructuring, out-of-court restructuring, bankruptcy planning, negotiation, settlement, bankruptcy liquidation and litigation procedures, as well as in accounting, securities, taxation, labor services, foreign investment, financing, real estate, antimonopoly, litigation, trade, intellectual property, asset transfer and dispute resolution through our internal team work and joint efforts with strategic partners.