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Construction Engineering and Real Estate

Tiantai is recognized as the industrial leader in the field of legal services concerning real estate and construction engineering. It has a professional team of experienced senior lawyers, who have witnessed many important events and changes in China's legal fields in construction engineering and real estate.

To help our customers make the best business decisions in the real estate development projects across China, we propose adequate solutions and professional opinions for them on the basis of the latest regulatory developments and local legislations on the projects. We have accurate market development trends, the professional legal knowledge and the latest project experience, and integrate them to help our customers achieve their development goals. The effective cooperation of the internal lawyer team can enable us to timely grasp the judicial practice related to real estate and construction projects. In this way, we can effectively resolve various existing doubts or disputes of our customers, and identify and eliminate various potential risks that may harm their interests as soon as possible.

Tiantai has made outstanding contributions to the healthy and orderly development of China's real estate industry through continuous exploration and transcendence in the process of simultaneous growth with China's building & real estate industry. We have worked on behalf of the building party, the construction party (including the contractor and the subcontractor), the financing party, investors and government agencies in various real estate projects.

Customers Served:

Vantone Real Estate, GE REAL ESTATE, Zhujiang Real Estate, Huayuan Property, Hengtian Property, BUCC, R&F Properties, MCC Land, CR Land, Forte Real Estate, Zhonghong Real Estate, Xinao Property, Fangheng Land, Macrolink Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group, Sino-Canadian Real Estate, Ruiyi Investment, Huarong Assets, Beijing Security Housing Investment Center, CYTS, Xinxing Construction&Development, China Construction Fourth Engineering Division MCC Real Estate Group, China Construction First Engineering Division Huazhong Construction Co., Ltd., China Construction Second Engineering Division Second Company, Beijing Eastern Suburb Agricultural, Industry and Commerce Joint Corporation, China Merchants Property Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and many other large real estate companies.