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Banking and Finance

Banking and finance are one of Tiantai's core businesses. The Business Department, headed by several masters and doctors of law, includes some lawyers with qualifications for securities and tax services, and a panel of experts and advisers composed of well-known professors from top domestic political and legal colleges. It has provided legal services to many domestic and international commercial banks, investment banks, trust companies, private equity funds, insurance companies, hedge funds and securities companies over years. Tiantai has focused on providing the customers of the financial institutions and financial markets with innovative design services of financial products. It has always been the research direction of Tiantai to help customers of financial institutions improve their internal governance structure, business operation rules and risk control system.

We employ the service mode of "team standardization", i.e., case analysis, information evidence collection, collective discussion, expert opinions, and optimization of final plans. Our lawyers are familiar with Chinese laws and have good contact with government agencies. Based on this, we can provide all-round professional legal services and support to commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions in all business sectors, and propose constructive solutions.