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Intellectual property

Intellectual property is one of the important businesses of Tiantai.

With the rapid development of knowledge economy in modern society, the attention and research has focused more on science and technology and other human intellectual achievements. The intellectual property rights have gradually introduced by multinational enterprises. And the Chinese enterprises have developed research and development and industrialization on independent intellectual property rights. All of this has made us fully aware of the legal opportunities and challenges in this field. We have continuously strengthened in-depth legal research and practical exploration, and strived to open up new business areas. The lawyers of Tiantai's intellectual property team have been engaged in intellectual property management and trial practice for a long time, and they have unique research and rich practical experience in the fields of copyright, trademark rights, patent rights, trade secrets and anti-unfair competition and have handled a large number of influential intellectual property cases.

Our intellectual property department has a comprehensive business area and can handle all litigation and non-litigation businesses in the field of intellectual property, especially in publishing legal affairs, network legal affairs and intellectual property investigation and protection.

Main Services

  • Trademarks, Patents, Publications and Copyrights
  • Anti-unfair Competition and Protection of Trade Secrets
  • Anti-monopoly Cases Related to Intellectual Property Rights