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The Department of Criminal Legal Affairs is one of the main business departments of Tiantai. It has gathered lots of senior lawyers with rich experience in criminal defense business and civil and commercial litigation arbitration agency.  

In the long-term practice of the Department of Criminal Legal Affairs, they have formed their own legal service features in the following three aspects:

I. Major difficult case handling model featuring by a highly integrated team of senior lawyers

 Tiantai's criminal business team has rich experience in handling major and difficult cases and has formed a set of   systematic team operation modes: several senior partners with rich litigation experience take the lead in setting up major   and difficult case handling teams; a lawyer's advisory opinion will be issued to prompt for legal risks according to the   preliminary case of the investigation; the overall dispute resolution plan is put forward to help our customers design the   most favorable dispute resolution strategies and methods according to the overall needs of the case; to issue an   operational outline for specific cases; during implementation, they flexibly grasp the opportunity and way to initiate   litigation and reply, safeguard the interests of our customers to the greatest extent, and regularly report the progress of   work to our customers according to the progress of the case. So far, the operating mode of this system has provided   effective rights and interests protection for many large enterprises and institutions, and has won high praise from   customers.

II. Criminal defense system business featured by a team of newly powerful professional defense lawyers

  The criminal defense team, with Dr. Jiao Peng, Ph.D. in criminal procedure law of China University of Political Science   and Law as its core, has provided criminal legal services to the parties focusing on high-end defense techniques such as   defense strategies and evidence use, adhered to the defense policy of combining criminal law theory with specific cases   and combining macro-planning with detail control. It has successfully handled more than 100 major criminal cases. At the same time, it also provides professional criminal legal risk prevention legal services for companies and business leaders, and plays a preventive role in criminal legal risk prevention for relevant practitioners, prevention of being investigated for criminal responsibility due to weak legal awareness, and prevention of crimes in the economic field.

III. Traffic accident claim agency business provided by a team of professional lawyers of high standard

The Traffic Legal Affairs Center under the Criminal Legal Affairs Department is composed of many senior professional litigation lawyers. Lawyers such as Jiao Peng and Sun Mingjing have been working as agents for personal injury compensation, insurance claims and property damage compensation in road traffic accidents for many years. In recent years, the lawyer of Tiantai's criminal business team has undertaken more than 1,000 claims related to road traffic, which has made a wide influence over the industry.