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Medical Health

The Medical Health & Medicine Department of Tiantai is one of the few legal teams set up in China specifically for medical health and medicine legal services. In the past decade or so, we provided customers with extensive and comprehensive legal services in the "one-stop" medical field, covering all aspects of hospital management, medical treatment, medical equipment and medical device, clinical trials, hospital infrastructure, personnel management, scientific research cooperation, etc. The business areas involved various legal issues related to the medical and health industry. During more than 10 years of professional legal services, the team accumulated rich business experience, provided perennial or special legal services for large general 3A hospitals, medical health and pharmaceutical enterprises, entities, medical and health professional associations. Besides, it also provided special legal services for the daily operation of medical health and pharmaceutical enterprises, enterprise restructuring, enterprise financing, recombination, intellectual property rights and all kinds of disputes involved in enterprises. The team is good at dealing with difficult and complicated legal affairs involved in hospital reform and restructuring of subordinate third-generation companies, preparing and reviewing relevant rules and normative documents inside and outside the hospital, providing legal support for hospital leaders' decision-making and providing rich professional opinions on various legal issues involved in medical services for customers.

The team has developed, in joint hands with a network company and based on the Internet big data, an H-Law hospital legal management system to meet the needs of many hospital customers in their daily legal services and provide timely, visual and data-sharing legal services for all day-to-day legal affairs involved in hospitals. With the help of Internet cloud architecture, customers can view the digital legal knowledge base without leaving their homes, communicate with lawyers quickly and conveniently, and enjoy more standard and efficient legal services.

At present, China has become one of the medical health and medicine markets with the most potential in the world. With the deepening development of China's market economy, more and more investors have entered the domestic medical health and medicine market to seek cooperation in order to increase their already occupied market share. With the development of medical and health field, the supervision of laws, regulations and policies in China is becoming more and more strict. As a legal service team that has accumulated many experiences in the field of medical and health services, the medical and health and medicine department will wholeheartedly escort your business activities in the field of medical and health services in China.

Main Customers:

Peking University Health Science Center, First Hospital of Peking University, Third Hospital of Peking University, School of Stomatological of Peking University, Cancer Hospital of Peking University, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, China-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Beijing Haidian Hospital, Beijing Jiangong Hospital Co., Ltd., CATCM Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., ACOTEC Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinghao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Beijing Capital United International Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

Main Services

  • To provide legal advice for preparation, establishment, reform, restructuring, alteration, cancellation and liquidation of medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises, and handling the relevant legal affairs on their behalf
  • To provide legal advice and legal feasibility analysis for decision-making matters in the operation and management of medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises
  • To draft review, revise and prepare various legal documents and project-related legal documents for medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises, and assist in preparation of internal rules and regulations
  • To participate in contract management, negotiation of major contracts and drafting of documents
  • To conduct publicity and legal training for employees, and to publicize the relevant laws and regulations newly promulgated by the state, departments and localities in a timely manner according to needs
  • To accept the entrustment to participate in handling of non-litigation cases in medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises
  • To accept the entrustment to represent medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises in the litigation of foreign economic disputes and related legal affairs
  • To accept the entrustment to participate in judicial identification of medical faults or technical identification of medical safety accidents on behalf of medical institutions and medical enterprises
  • To accept the entrustment to participate in the civil compensation litigation on behalf of medical institutions and medical enterprises in disputes over medical safety and infringement of damages
  • To provide legal advice on medical injury cases
  • To act as an agent in the investigation and evidence collection of medical injury cases, and in the retrieval, copying and sealing of medical record related materials, as well as the on-site storage of items and objects related to the case
  • To act for reconciliation and mediation of medical injury cases
  • To act as an agent in civil litigation for medical damage compensation
  • To act for the initiation and hearing of identification procedure of medical injury cases