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Civil aviation

The aviation sector plays a crucial role in the country's air traffic lifeline and national defense security, where the sophisticated technologies are concentrated, but it also faces many problems, such as shortage of talents, long training period, high cost of purchasing and maintaining aircraft and aviation materials, shortage of air route resources, and increasing disputes over transportation contracts. At the same time, the aviation sector has the characteristics of complicated regulatory laws of the aviation business department, strong professional application of laws, prominent field characteristics and so on.

Tiantai's legal team focused on legal research and practice in the aviation sector. With its rich experience in financing lease, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, bankruptcy and other fields, it has done a lot of pioneering work on legal services in the aviation sector and accumulated rich experience. We have carried out all-round business cooperation with many domestic airlines and have served as perennial legal advisers to many airlines such as China Southern Airlines and China International Airlines.

Main Services

  • Establishment, operation, merger and reorganization of air transport enterprises and airport enterprises
  • Civil aircraft and aviation equipment import, purchase, lease, sale, custody, mortgage and other transactions