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Credit Management

In 2003, Tiantai set up the first credit management legal service team in the industry. Over years, the credit legal services have been improved day by day. The service covers the whole process of customer credit management in advance, in-process monitoring and after-the-fact disposal, as well as the whole process of contract signing, performance and collection. Through professional services, we can help the enterprises establish and improve their credit management system, shorten DSO, speed up their cash flow, reduce overdue rate and bad debt rate, and enhance their market competitiveness.

An excellent lawyer service team is the guarantee of service quality and efficiency, and is also the cornerstone win our customers' praise. After more than ten years of development, we have the largest lawyer collection team in China with rich practical experience. We have established a perfect team management system, which includes training system, regular meeting system, hearing system, progress reporting system, accountability system and excess reward system. We have built the unified national business management and regional resource allocation system, which have greatly improved the service quality and efficiency.

For each case assigned by the customer, regardless of its size, we will select local team lawyers with rich practical experience in such cases according to the characteristics of the case and the region where the case is located. We attach great importance to every customer's entrustment. While focus on the results, we pay more attention to the process.

Service Advantages:

  • The first law firm in China to provide comprehensive credit security solutions

  • With the largest collection team of lawyers in China

  • Whole-process Solution of Investigation + Non-litigation Collection + Litigation + Execution + Creditor's Rights Disposal 

  • 10 directly affiliated institutions, more than 30 cooperative law firms, with business covering the whole country

  • In cooperation with top international collection companies and law firms, and the collection services are available all over the world

  • The annual realization of creditor's rights exceeds RMB 300 million

  • Advanced case management system and service system

Main Services

  • Whole-process Service of Credit and Risk Management