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International trade and investment

The lawyers, scholars and experts with international (foreign-related) legal practice experience, theoretical literacy and relevant qualifications both inside and outside the institute are gathered to integrate, develop and improve our international business ability. With focus on the concept of "professional and dedicated combination, standard and efficiency win-win", we work to fulfill customer entrustment and realize the value of Tiantai's lawyers in the cross-legal business field.

Tiantai’s International Business Department has set up law liaison offices in North America and Australia to coordinate customers' legal services and other professional services both at home and abroad, establish and consolidate business cooperation mechanisms with foreign law firms, and set up direct branches such as overseas branches when available.


Main Services

  • International Trade Consultation and Services
  • Trade relief consultation and services, including anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard investigation, etc.
  • Overseas investment consultation and services