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Our partner liu yanfeng was rated as "a-list legal elite", an excellent Chinese lawyer


Leo Liu is an intellectual property lawyer of great influence. He not only led IP-protection projects for the Beijing Water Cube and other Beijing 2008 Olympics venues, but also elected as IP legal adviser for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Liu has led IP-protection projects for new Winter Olympics vanues. In addition, he directed many IP-protection projects in China for renowned companies and institutions, such as the Australian Open Tennis Championship, CFP. Liu, who focuses on representing high profile IP and unfair competition matters, is skilled at representing complicated cases and has a very high success rate, which makes him highly recommended for Chinese companies. Leading companies and institutions, such as Baidu, Tencent, Xiaomi, Didi, China Gold, Wanda, Kingsoft, CCTV, Mango TV, Bianlifeng, Tide Pharm, have hired Liu as legal consultant for daily businesses or projects due to his good reputation and professionalism, Many of Liu’s cases have had a great influence in China. Among them, the Qing-Feng Steamed Dumpling (庆丰包子铺) and the “If you are the one (非诚勿扰)” cases are among the Top 10 IP cases the Supreme Court has mentioned. The Didi case is the earliest and most influential Internet plus IP case named as one of Beijing 

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